Vaibhav Kumar

I am pursing a Masters in Language Technologies within the School of Computer Science at Carnegie Mellon University. Currently I am working with Prof. Jamie Callan on Conversational Search.

My Research Interests lie in Information Retrieval and Natural Language Understanding (in particular Machine Translation). I am also interested in Deep Learning for Natural Language Processing.

Prior to joining CMU, I was a student at International Institute of Information Technology Hyderabad. I was a Dual Degree Student pursuing a B.Tech in Computer Science and MS by Research in Computational Linguistics. I was a part of the Language Technologies Research Center and was advised by Prof. Vasudeva Varma and co-advised by Dr. Manish Gupta. During that time I worked on various aspects of Computational Journalism. I also worked a bit on translation. During this, I co-founded a startup Ping! with three other members.

At the moment I have an Erdos Number of 5.

A Quote by Me : “From the R to the S” (decrypt it if you can)

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